Meet the Directors

Our directors are passionate about bringing about social change to the township communities of South Africa. They’ve done this for years through the non-profit organisation Rhiza Babuyile and through Township Fleva.

Rashuping ‘Rush’ Morake:

Rush originally studied Aircraft Aviation at Denel Aircraft Training Academy after which he decided to build a career in the corporate world. One of his strengths is building strong relationships with all relevant stakeholders. Rush’s passion for social entrepreneurship started when he volunteered for one of our partner organisations. He is deeply invested in the alleviation of human suffering and particularly poverty within the township communities. Rush is starting his studies in business administration in 2016. As Director, his skills set to assist to assist both business clients as well as beneficiaries are a big attribution to the success of our organisation. At Township Fleva Rush can do, what he often calls ‘the most fulfilling job ever’, he does this by positively impacting people’s lives, while he does business in a social responsible way

Masego Lebotse:

Masego was a beneficiary of Rhiza Babuyile’s skills development project in Diepsloot in 2017. Coming from Diepsloot, she understands the needs and challenges of the community extremely well. Masego is driven, works hard and has an excellent work ethic. Besides being the director of Township Fleva, Masego also is a trustee of the Babuyile Community Development Trust and the HR manager of Rhiza Babuyile. She is currently studying HR through Boston College and expects to finish her degree in 2020.