About us


Township Fleva is a registered Pty (Ltd) credited with Level 1 B-BBEE rating. As a social enterprise we offer companies a wide range of services and products that originate from Township Communities.
Township Fleva was founded by Masego Lebotse and Rashuping Morake, who through their efforts with the NGO Rhiza Babuyile aim to develop township communities and consequently came with the business idea for Township Fleva. The aim of Township Fleva is to provide customers with quality products and services from the townships and at the same time create jobs and support entrepreneurs from those very same townships.
Township Fleva focuses on services relating to B-BBEE, being Skills Development, Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Procurement. From a products perspective Township Fleva focuses on the clothing industry, where it provides aspiring designers with the opportunity to create clothes that will be sold both locally and internationally. The profits of Township Fleva are donated to the South African NGO Rhiza Babuyile. This organization assists underprivileged communities with a holistic development model that includes programmes in education, skills development, education and enterprise development.
Bring social change through the sales of excellent products and services from South African Townships. By taking township made products and services to the market we take people out of poverty into interdependence. Our vision is to develop local social and economic ecosystems where township entrepreneurs can thrive and extreme poverty is eradicated.
Create opportunities for township entrepreneurs. We believe that – when given the right platforms – entrepreneurs from township communities can thrive in local and international business settings. The mission of Township Fleva is to give entrepreneurs this platform.