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Success Stories

We stand up for the smaller resilient kasi-preneurs. Watch our Fleva Conversations below, where we delve into the learnings of our kasi-preneurs. Read the Township Fleva success stories below.
Lance Ross (Butchery)
Lance Ross, owner of Swinton Road Butchery and Deli is no stranger to adversity and risk-taking. His inspiring story begins in Newlands East, a predominantly coloured area in KwaZulu-Natal. Lance grew up in the area, and at 33 had an opportunity to own a butchery in the notoriously dangerous location. The entrepreneurial bug bit, and despite the business closing down, Lance persisted until he was able to be his own boss again. He purchased a well-known butchery on a rent-to-buy basis.
Lance made a success of the venture and at the end of 2019, was the full owner of the butchery and deli. Within a year, adversity struck again, this time in the form of a global pandemic. Turnover declined and he had to let go of 10 of his 15 employees. Just as the world was emerging from the pandemic, the July 2021 riots hit and Lance was a victim of the mass looting, with both the butchery and deli being destroyed.
This, and debt owing to the bank and suppliers, resulted in Lance closing the butchery for nearly 6 months. During this time he started a small social media campaign to raise funds for the rebuilding of his business. He obtained a grant through the Reviving Townships Campaign at Afrika Tikkun and was able to reopen, just in time to provide the community with their Christmas purchases.
Despite the challenges and setbacks, Lance’s persistence and resilience has paid off.
Zintle Maphanga (Sweets)
Zintle Maphanga, owner of Zinhle’s All Things Sweet, is a budding entrepreneur with a great deal of resilience and assertiveness. Having survived the global pandemic, July 2021 looting and April 2022 floods, she is no stranger to hard times. However, she has never let this stop her.
Her business began as a simple stand in Durban, and then grew to a store in the Philani Valley Mall in September 2020. Her store suffered setbacks during Covid-19 but due to her assertive and “can-do” attitude she managed to keep it running. The looting resulted in complete and utter destruction and Zintle was once again left to pick up the pieces and try again.
She moved her store to the KwaMnyandu Shopping Centre, which was busier and bigger than her previous store. Using the support she received from Afrika Tikkun, she grew her business and remains the resilient and energetic individual that always makes a plan to achieve her dreams.
Gugu Khumalo (Umndeni Creche)
Gugu Khumalo has always had a love for people, which stands her in good stead to manage and own the Umndeni Crèche in Umlazi. The ECD (Early Childhood Development) centre has become a safe haven for children in the Umlazi area, where they receive high quality education and socialisation.
After her business s was completely destroyed in the June 2021 roiting, Gugu spent day and night researching means to get her ECD centre and church back on its’ feet. She applied for funding from the Afrika Tikkun Reviving Township Economies campaign and, largely due to her resilience and organisation, was able to rebuild the business to its former glory.
Her trail-blazing attitude and go-getter character, along with her strong determination to succeed make her a courageous powerhouse, and one that is positively impacting her community too.
Mlungisi Zungu (Fruit & Veg vendor)
Mlungisi Fix It was born from a desire to do more and do it on his own terms. Started by Mlungisi Zungu, or The Grootman as he is affectionately known in the community, is powered by his desire to be a role model to those in the Ntuzuma township in KwaZulu-Natal.
He opened his business, a fruit and vegetable shop, at his favourite spot in the community, a meeting place for people and a convenient location for those in the community in need of fresh fruit and vegetables.
After his business was looted during the July 2021 riots, Mlungisi lost hope, in humanity and himself. It was only through the help of Afrika Tikkun, which provided him with the sponsorship to rebuild his store, that Mlungisi got back on his feet. He was able to get coaching, which brought back his confidence and deal with the trauma of both the global pandemic as well as the looting. He is an inspiring figure in the community, with a resilient attitude that allows him to withstand even the most difficult experiences.